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We create customized and effective bonding solutions.

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DURAPRO hot melt adhesives are formulated for high performance in any industry.


Our water based products are designed for multiple industries, strength, durability and long lasting bonds.


Custom formulated to meet the specific process and end use demands of our customers, polyurethane adhesive solutions support high speed manufacturing applications.


We offer a full range of general and specialty grade polymers based on Vinyl Acrylic, Acrylic and Styrenated Acrylic chemistries.

Corrugated Additives

From waterproofing resins and polymer additives to liquid borax, we have corrugated manufacturers’ additive needs covered.

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DURAPRO, we’ll get it done. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you as an appreciated customer!

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Know This First

Family Owned And Operated

We are proud to say that IFS is a family owned and operated company. DURAPRO™, an IFS brand, was originally founded in 1892. In 1973 IFS was aquired by the Kawaja Family, who has grown the company exponentially.

DURAPRO™ products are manufactured throughout North America and Europe. Our experienced technical representatives specialize in your industry and will use their knowledge of the latest developments in science to find a solution best suited to your requirements.

Our Mission

To improve our customers' lives by delivering the right products with responsive and inventive service

Being a part of your story means partnering with DURAPRO to create customized and effective bonding solutions that are tailored to the specificity of your equipment and end-products.

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We Are Environmentally Conscious.

DURAPRO™ products are certified as environmentally friendly and are customized to your specific needs, using the latest innovations in chemistry.

Let us be part of your solution

DURAPRO, we’ll get it done.

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